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Name : Special Pour Vous
Created on : 26 November 2010
Makers : Susan, Lmyx and Lionel.

Special Pour Vous is a graphic site created for personal use.
The site name is in French which means "Special For You".
currently making banners and icons, and hopefully we can create other graphic such as GIFs.
Resources are mostly from Tumblr.com and Weheartit.com, as usual as other graphic sites.


Can I redistribute your images?
It's an absolutely no.

Can I hotlink your pictures?
I recommend not to. Right click, save as, and upload in your own image host just in case this website broke down.

Can we use your pictures?
Very much. But please do credit us.

How do I credit Special Pour Vous?

Do you mind link exchange with us?
Sure. Link us first, tell us, and we'll link you back asap.

Do you accept makers now?
Sorry, no. we already have enough makers here at our graphic site. :)
but we'll announce if makers are welcome again, thanks.

Do you accept request?
Yes, we do accept request right now. Just fill your form here and tag us to let us know.

Thank you so much.

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Welcome to Special Pour Vous.
We make mostly vintage, asian, and western graphics.
Makers here are Susan, Lmyx and Lionel.
Sources mostly from tumblr and weheartit.
more info here.
Do credit if you use our graphics. Thanks :)

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Special Pour Vous
a graphic site with lots of love special for you